Benefits of Solar Water Heater and Solar Energy

A solar water heater delivers is a low-cost way to produce hot water. Solar water heater works in almost any area, and the fuel is free: sunlight. The system includes solar collectors and storage tanks. Two types of solar water heaters are: active (provided with pumps and controls) and passive.

Passive solar systems are affordable but not efficient. The advantage is their reliability and robustness. There are two versions of passive systems.

  • Integral storage system. These systems work in good conditions in the areas where the temperature is always positive.
  • Thermosyphon system. The warm water flows and the cold water sinks. The storage tank must be placed near the collector because the warm water must rise in the tank. The storage tank is heavy, so the roof must be able to support the tank. These systems are more expensive than the integral collector systems.
  • Solar collectors with evacuated-tube. The system consists of rows of glass tubes. The tubes have a metal tube to absorb the energy. This type of collector is used mainly for commercial applications.

How to choose a solar water heater

Here are the steps to select a solar water heater:

  1. Calculate the energy efficiency of your future solar water heater.
  2. Estimate your area solar resource
  3. Evaluate the system size
  4. Search for the local regulations.

Research for the heat exchangers and heat fluid transfer.

Installing a solar water heater

The secure solution is to work with a solar water heater contractor. A professional contractor already knows the most critical factors, such as local building requirements and safety problems. When the installation is ready to use, proper maintenance is a must. The provider knows the maintenance requirements; he also has an owner manual.

How to improve the energy efficiency

A backup system is always necessary. Depending on the building configuration, and the climate, a conventional water heater is a backup solution.

Solar panel installation to generate energy

A solar power system contains a zone of solar modules, a mounting system, an inverted with a controller. The sunlight creates DC electricity and; the inverter converts the electricity into AC electricity for the home. The controller also ensures the best performance of the power system. A solar panel system can include a backup power or batteries.

Contractor recommends to install solar panels on the roof. Many roofs have the conventional configuration for solar panel installation. If the roof is not perfect for a solar system, installing the system on the ground is a solution.

The inverter is installed near the panel and can be outdoors or indoors. The solar system performances can be easily checked using a computer.  The solar panel maintenance is not a problem. There are no movable parts; the owner must check them only a few times a year to eliminate dirt. The owner also must keep the panels clean and not blocked by some unexpected objects. When the self-cleaning after the self-cleaning period ends, the panels can be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water, but only early in the morning or evening.  If the panels are hot, cold water can harm them. Do not apply too much pressure do not damage the modules. You can prevent the battery terminals corrosion applying a commercial jelly to the terminals. The batteries must work on 18 degrees Celsius. A battery loses storage capacity at low temperatures and the high temperatures damage them.

You will revise the entire system must every four years. An installer can do this more efficiently than the homeowner because there are specific requirements for the solar system maintenance.

Solar panels for home – a way to rise to a green future

Sun powers everything on earth, safe, clean and endless. Sun is the only source that doesn’t harm our world. The sun is the energy for future generations. The total amount of electricity the house owner uses is more important than the home’ square footage.

The electricity usage amount is vital when the owner needs a solar panel system plan. The monthly electricity bill is an important source to find how much electricity is necessary. Now the house owner can calculate how many solar panels he needs.

The second step is to search for solar systems available on the market. Choose the system type carefully and keep in mind the energy amount you need. Now is the best moment to call a contractor and begin the installation.

If you begin with a small system, don’t worry. You can add more element when your budget allows you to purchase a system. The panels quality is essential; there are providers all over the world. The converters are necessary to transform the direct current power to alternative current energy.

You can install the solar panels ion a roof or the ground. The racks are necessary to build a reliable system. Usually, the system installation is made by a contractor, by certified electricians.

A solar system works when there a utility power. The energy from the solar system can be disconnected; a battery backup system will furnish energy until the problems are solved.

Never forget the local requirements, the contractor can help.  The price of a solar system for residential dropped recently. The solar systems evolved from a clean commodity to a simplrified system, used by millions all over the world.

A commercial solar system can provide energy for a small town or a company. The cost can’t be affordable. The situation changes when we talk about home solar systems. A home solar system generates electric bill savings, unlike the commercial solar systems.

If the roof doesn’t qualify, a solar ground system is an option. A community can provide solar gardens, without installing a system on the roof. A standard solar system works for 25 years. The solar system increases house value. A solar system installation takes a few days; the installation time frame is quick.

Getting a solar system for home is now a smart option that a house owner can make.

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