Benefits of Solar Powered Homes

A friend of mine had a lot of problems with her power supply. For the longest time she had to live with an irregular power supply. Not only was it an inconvenience but she was also paying a ridiculously expensive power bill. She tried solving the problem by getting a generator, but she had to pay a lot on fuel charges. She lived in the rural area and everyone who lived in that area had that problem. She had to do something, but she was not sure what.

Her options were limited. She could not rely on another source of energy because her area wasn’t very windy. Water power was not an option. The generator she had was doing its best, but her power bill was still very high. The only option she had left was solar energy. She decided to purchase a solar power system and forget about getting the power company. She could generate her own power and it will cost her less in the long run. It will be costly to install the system but when compared to how much she would pay over the years it was the best choice.

My friend Stefanie lived with her daughter and was always worried that something bad might happen to her family during a power outage. Her daughter was twelve and had a serious phobia against the darkness. The constant power surge was affecting her in many ways and they were all negative.

Getting solar power system

Stefanie needed to do something about her situation. She decided to get a solar power system. The first problem she encountered was finding a provider to find the best system for her home. She had no knowledge of what she was looking for. It took her a while to research and find a company that suited her needs. They would supply and install the system for a single price. Her home wasn’t a big one, but she was planning to open a small farming business. Her business was rearing chickens and selling eggs. Her small farm used a significant amount of power and the panels would supply her home and business with enough power. At first, she believed the system would not be able to generate enough power for her. It was only after that she realized what a good investment she made.

The right solar company

My friend found a company that was cheap and as it turned out they a very professional company that offered quality equipment and services.  It was no trouble for her to get the best system installed. Freak storms and hurricanes were a regular occurrence in her area. Her solar panels provider advised her against a solar panel roof installation. It would cost her less to do the solar panel roof installment. Stefanie thought it was a great investment and for the first couple of months she was really enjoying it. She had no reason to worry about power outages anymore and her daughter was doing much better. Stefanie was positive she made the best investment. Her neighbors thought she did as well.

Most of her neighbors have generators so they were not worried about storms. At the end of August, the power company had a massive malfunction and was unable to provide power for the month of September. This month is smack in the middle of hurricane season. At the beginning of the month, the power plant malfunctioned. There was a big fire at the plant and they had to shut off the supply. It was okay at first because everyone had a generator. There was many problems including the high gas price, which made it expensive to run the generator for long. Most people were not prepared for more than two weeks without power. Things took a turn for the worst when the power company informed the people that the plant would not be operational again until the first week in October. It was already two weeks into the month and many people were having a difficult time providing power for their homes. It was the Monday of the third week when there was a report of a hurricane headed their way.

The hurricane came, passed, and did little damage. Most of Stephanie’s neighbors were also small farmers. They had many perishable items in storage. With the power plant down and the help of hurricane, many people were about to lose a lot of money because of the lack of power. This is where the solar energy investment that Stephanie made helped everyone. The hurricane passed, and no significant damage was done to her panels. She was the only one with power for kilometers. Her neighbors turned to her for help in storing their perishable items. It was after this incident that most of Stephanie’s neighbors did themselves a favor and got solar power systems installed. The power station never recovered after the fire and it was not long after the hurricane they closed their doors. Most of the people in the area had already converted to solar energy and it made their lives a lot easier. They do not have the problems of a power outage and when there is any other disaster, they never go without power. Many people could have lost a lot after the hurricane but thanks to Stephanie and her solar panels, a lot was saved. It might be a bit expensive in the initial stages but in the end, you will save a lot.

A solar power system will do a lot to save you money. If you find yourself in the same situation, there is only one good resolution. A solar system made it better not only for my friend but also for the people around her who also needed help. When you decide to get your own system, you should make sure to check the reputation of the provider. This will ensure that you get only the best quality system. It might be the best investment you ever made for your home or your business.

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