Installing Solar Panels – All You Need to Know

Solar panels are a source of popular renewable energy that has been adopted by many. Solar panels rank along with the hydro and wind power as the better-utilized energy source. With a growth in the number of carbon emission caused by gases, which are in turn contributing to global warming, these provide us with a clean and pollution-free alternative.

It has its own benefits apart from being environmentally friendly; these are cheaper in the longer run. The price of Oil, Gas and, coal is increasing and these resources are limited. This lack of resource will drive the prices of these fossil fuels towards space in days to come.

Why use solar panels and no other renewable sources?

There are some shortcomings of renewable energy such as wind, solar and hydro. Solar energy is a better alternative than other renewable energy sources. The Sun is the main source of power in a solar powered system. The Sun is also present everywhere unlike other resources it cannot be affected much. Hence, solar energy is a much better alternative than hydro or wind energy. The initial cost of solar panel installation can be high, however, these are supposed to be cheap in the end. In this article, we will talk about points that describe how solar panels can save your money.

1. Most people think that these are very expensive to install, but there are many Do-it-yourself kits available on the internet that can help you build one. These are relatively cheaper and can greatly decrease your expense and effort. This can be profitable for you much sooner than other ways.

2. Water heater which is run by electricity consume too much of power, you can alternatively connect your water to the heater to solar panel array. This will not only bring the electricity cost down but will supply warm water even during power outage.

3. Heating Bills can be reduced dramatically if we use solar power instead of traditional electric power. This will reward you better financially by cutting down your energy consumption.

4. The real estate value of your home will increase greatly, on average houses that have the solar panel installed on them are likely to be valued at 20% higher. These not only save your electric bills but also acts as an asset adding value to your property resale.

5. The federal government offers incentives that can cover some part of the cost of installation. This is offered so that a consumer can understand the value of energy savings. It also translates into lower energy cost in a short time frame.

6. Solar panels can be used to generate power for a portion of appliances used frequently. If you use certain appliances regularly, you can try switching them to solar power, which will reduce your dependency and lower your bill.

7. You can use feed-in tariffs, which means you can sell surplus energy, which is generated by solar panels back to the electric grid. These are government-induced policies, which encourages people to switch for renewable energy.

Maintenance of solar panels

Solar panels such as Suntech solar panels maintenance generally requires little effort, as there are not many moving parts. Due to dust, grime, pollen, and other particles, the efficiency of solar panel conversion is reduced by 20%. One can easily perform a general cleaning by using a simple garden hose to wash the panels. One should always avoid spraying cold water on hot panels as it might damage or crack them.

Here are some maintenance tips for cleaning solar panels:

1. Invest in solar panel cleaning kits; these kits come in handy to clear solar panels. You will get biodegradable soap, small brush, and a wiper. You have to mix the soap with water and gently wipe the solar panels. Either you can use plain water or any soft brush to remove grimes or dust settled on Suntech solar panels.

2. Clean the panels while they are wet and moist as there will loosen the dirt on the surface and can be wiped off easily.

3. Do not use abrasive or harsh soap or liquid, avoid using detergents and harsh sponge these may leave permanent scratches on the glass. Soft cloth and degradable soap are best for cleaning purposes.

4. For safety, it is always advisable to use a long-handled brush to clean up from the ground. If one has to climb up for maintenance then he should use safety ropes or a harness for support.

Solar panels may require cleaning depending upon the panel type and environmental conditions.

How much does solar system installation cost?

Depending upon your energy consumption need the prices may vary from house to house. The cost of solar system installation are between $8 to $10 per watt. A 5kW system can cost from $35,000 to $40,000. Many utility corporations offer incentives and subsidies also. Some of them can subsidize up to 50% of the cost.

Drawbacks of solar energy

The main drawbacks of solar systems are mainly the payback period for example; a system that costs $20,000 can have a payback period of 15 years. This is essential because a system that generates an average of $112 for electricity per month can take a long time to cover the installation cost of $20,000. The prices of residential solar panels are supposed to drop in a few years, which is a good news.

Another example can be the weather dependency, although residential solar panels can still generate electricity during rainy or cloudy weather but the efficiency drops. Solar energy cannot be collected during the night either. In order to collect more electricity, you need to use more solar panels. Hence, these use lots of space and are not space efficient.


Our environment needs clean and renewable energy, People are constantly looking for cheap and green energy sources. These renewable energy sources are sufficient to provide us with a better future. Earth is not only for us it is for everyone who lives in it, switching to green energy can help to make earth a better place to live.

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