Solar Panels and Small Business Solutions

I have been living at my home for many years. It has been up and down with the power supply until I changed to solar panels. When I first moved to the house for the first few weeks I was without power. There was some huge accident at the power plant only a few days before I move to the town. This was the beginning of hell for years with poor service and irregular power supply.

For a home owner it was very difficult to live in a situation where you are without regular power. It gets worst when you decide to operate a home business that requires electric power. I retired a few days ago but I am the type of person that needs to keep active. I don’t believe I am too old to stop working. Sitting around the house doing nothing is not the type of thing I do. Until I am unable to, I will always love working. It is just who I am and what I enjoy doing.

I worked as a mechanical engineer for a lot of years and the everyday routine became natural. I got up before dawn and I worked until late at nights. It is the main reason why I live alone. I got divorced form my wife because she felt I was a workaholic and had no time for a wife. She said I was not ready for a family. The good thing about our marriage was that we never had children.

Personal business

I decided to open a small home business to make some extra money.  I had a lot of yard space and it was a good idea to do something to make money. I am not from a rural area, but it was not an urban area either. I lived in that area where the rural meets the urban. My business would not be an issue with the neighbors. The business started and was doing well. A friend of mine told me that if I was going to sell chicken I should think about selling eggs to. This way I would maximize my investment. Business was on the right track. I decide to take the advice of my friend.

The one thing my friend did not tell me is that I would need to have an incubator. The problem was with the power. The power would go out at times and it affected a lot of the eggs in the incubator. I lost a lot of money because of power outages. The options available to me was to either close my business or get the problem with the power rectified.

A quick fix generator

The first thing I did was bought a generator, but I still had a problem. It was expensive to fuel the generator. I had to find an alternative to my power problem. It was when I was getting some chicken feed the clerk changed a lot for me. We spoke for a while and before we were done most of my problems were solved. He told me I could get solar power system installed. It would supply constant power to my home and my business. I realized that it would be very expensive to get the system installed. The solar system works to process the solar energy into power you use in your home.

I decided to get the solar panels for house that would supply my small farming business with the power it needed. The initial expense of installing the system was a onetime thing and I wouldn’t have to worry about a power bill anymore. When compared to what I would have ended up paying the power company, the solar system was the best option. I still had to think about the inconsistencies with the power from the power company and solar panels for house was the best solution.

There were many systems available, some were bigger and produced more power than I needed. The solar company worked with me until I found the best system for my home and business. The panel provider wanted to do the installation in the front yard. I was worried that the system might get damage that way, so I made the decision to have a solar roof. Solar roof was the best investment of my life. I never lost any more money due to power outages.

I am still living in my house and my small farm is still making money. I have gotten a little older and had to hire help for the day to day process of the business. Tanks to the panels I was able to save a lot of money. It was by this means I could hire an assistant after only a year and purchase a few other pieces of equipment. I bought an industrial grade freezer and updated my incubator. I could have stuck with the power company but the money I save over the years I could not have saved. If I could advise anybody that is starting a home business of any type, is to ensure they get some solar panels installed even if you don’t think you need it. There is a lot of unexpected occurrences when operating a business from your home. Having your own source of power will eliminate any problem you might have face your power company.

A solar power system was once a luxury. They are a lot more affordable for everyone these days. It is smart for a small business to make an investment that benefits their interest. Solar power system could be the best investment a company makes. It worked for me and my small business and it will certainly work for you. When you do decide to get a system, you should research the company you are interested in and make sure they are a reputable one that has a long history of customer satisfaction. There are a lot of companies that offer the systems but not all these companies will provide quality. Once you find a company that offers what you want, you are all set to invest.

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