Solar Panels, Best Way to Reduce Energy Bills

The first step when you consider to install solar panels is to find a contractor. If you can find a contractor in your area, you will have beaucoup advantages. You will have advice, maintenance and rapid response to your problem near you.

If you decide to install solar systems you will have an environmentally friendly equipment, and you will save on the energy bills, and the investment will be covered in about six years. Affordable solar panels can be the power source of your home or for a part of your house.  You can use solar panels as water heaters, lighting or pool heater.

The value of your home will increase because of the solar energy. If you live in a sunny climate, incorporating solar power into your house is a rewarding investment.

Solar panels on a roof where not popular a few years ago. Now is more and more common to see solar panels on the garden’s ground or. Traditional power suppliers are hurting the environment. Power plants produce harmful emissions, but solar power is entirely safe, no harmful emissions and no toxic residues.

People consider solar power a real money saving solution, a green solution to produce energy and not a passive solution without a future. A solar panel system last 25 to 35 years, being an excellent solution for a long time.

When you analyze the installation of a solar system, you need to find if the investment worth it.  You also may ask yourself if your house has the necessary sunlight or the roof is appropriate for solar panels installation. There are many contractors ready to install solar panels at your place, but you need to find the best contractors. Excellent solar contractors will evaluate your house before planning and installing the system.  An honest solar contractor will tell you if the new investment will help you to save money.

As you already know, solar panels need direct sunlight to give you the optimal power. It is the reason why a solar contractor will install the panels only on south, west or east facing roofs. During cloudy, foggy, raining or snowing days, the solar panels will produce only a third part of the power they give in sunny days.

An excellent solar contractor will evaluate your daily energy amount use and determine if you will save money installing a solar panel system. A unique solar contractor will offer energy monitoring services and warranties. In U.S., SolarCity, and Vivint Solar are among the best solar contractors.

Solar systems are the ideal solution to heat swimming pools

A performant solar system can provide 90% of a pool heating need. Swimming pool solar panels can be a complement to an existing heating installation. A solar system can also be a solar heating system working independently.

Usually, people build the pools within 27 meters of the house. The solar systems can be installed by the poolside or on the building roof. Specialists recommend connecting the swimming pool solar panels to your home central heating system to ensure the hot water needs in winter.

There are many types of collectors and panels, but all are an essential solution to reduce swimming pool heating costs. The annual fee for heating a swimming pool is lower than gas or electrical systems.

A solar pool heating system includes:

  • A solar collector, the device through which the water circulates
  • A filter, eliminate the debris before sending the water to the collector
  • A pump, to flow water through the screen and collector and again to the pool.

Solar collectors are made out of different materials, depending on the climate. If you need to use the collector in a zone where the temperature is near the freezing limit, you also need an unglazed collector. Made of heavy-duty plastic, the inhibitor will extend the panels life. You can use them in indoor pools in cold zones. If you decide to shut down the pool during the winter, the system must be designed using unglazed collectors.

How to choose a solar swimming pool heater

A solar swimming pool heater payback the investment in 1 to 7 years. Anyway, a solar swimming pool heater is more convenient than a gas system. Before buying and installing a solar swimming pool heater, you must evaluate your place solar resource. You also need to assess the system size and the correct orientation. You need to know the system efficiency and compare different systems costs.

Find your place solar resource for affordable solar panels

The efficiency of the system depends on how much solar energy reaches your site.  You also need to search the best contractor with affordable prices and efficient design. If you find a contractor that inspires your confidence and has essential recommendations, you’re near to fulfill your project; having a performing solar panels system.

Solar systems are more and more popular because of their affordability and efficiency. Never the less, a solar system is environmentally friendly; solar power never produces residues, dirt, environmental pollution. And, above all, it is affordable.

Even if an affordable solar system is convenient, it must have a warranty and a maintenance plan. The materials must be high-quality, efficient and reliable. The purchase of a solar panel system is attractive, but take care of these conditions. Before the acquisition, a contractor’ representative must present a plan, the description of the panel, the list of additional devices and the estimated price.

A solid warranty from the panel’s producers will tell you the minimum you expect from the reliability and performance. The modules size depends on the company then produce them.

Efficiency is the primary quality to choose the best panels. Low degradation is also significant. Degradation rate must be small to ensure the panels long life. Finally, the price per watt reflects the components quality. Anyway, this price must be lower than a conventions system’ price. You can find affordable systems that meet these conditions and make them work.

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