Thinking of Switching to Solar Energy?

Before installing a solar system is essential to choose the most appropriate, keeping in mind your climate and budget. A solar system can be installed on the roof or the ground.

A contractor can do the installation is the best conditions; the crew visit your place, evaluate the roof to see is the south, east or west side can support solar panels. They also can install affordable solar panels on the ground, if necessary. They study your energy bills to find more about the amount to spend every month. Contractor’s crew design a project and choose the best components to make it work. Usually, the contractor’s team is composed of electricians, installers, and engineers.

Solar panels absorb sunlight using photovoltaic cells. They absorb direct current energy and convert it to usable alternative current energy using an inverter. AC (alternating current) flows to the home electrical panel.

A layer of silicon cells, a frame made of metal, glass, and wiring to allow the current to flow. The silicone has conductive properties to allow to absorb the sunlight and convert it into electricity. The light interacts with silicon cells, and then, the electrons move, starting a flow (electric current). It is the photovoltaic effect, the base of the functionality of a solar panel.

The silicone cells convert sunlight into direct current (DC). The electricity is converted into alternative current (AC) using a solar inverter. The AC energy is distributed into the house electrical panel and becomes available for the home.

A solar panel also includes an anti-reflective coating that favorize the sunlight absorption. The solar cells receive the maximum sunlight exposure. Silicon cells are made in two versions: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. As their name state, monocrystalline cells are made of single silicon crystals, and polycrystalline cells are made of fragments of silicon.

They must be prepared to install a system safely, correctly and quickly. You also must ask about the contractor’s experience. The contractor crew’s services are pile driving, the installation of the ground screw, racking installation, the installation of affordable solar panels, the installation of DC, the installation of AC, the interconnection of medium voltage, the interconnection of medium voltage. You can negotiate these services individually or the entire package.

Experience is important

The installation of a solar system is not simple. Experience is relevant because the solar systems are relatively new in many countries and people of different profiles and experience are coming to develop their activities in this domain.  You need to find more about a contractor before hiring him.

An excellent solar contractor involves in your family life, ensures the safety of your home during the solar system installation and makes it secure. You and your entire family can sleep well at night because your home solar systems and correctly installed and work safely.

A professional solar contractor makes sure that everything goes well the first time. And if you can obtain a reasonable price, your solar system will end=sure your 25 – 30 years of calm, secure, safe and warm life.

A trustful solar contractor will ensure a warranty for your solar system and appropriate maintenance. A solar contractor will take every necessary measure to make your installation safe and respond ay any emergency repairs quickly and correctly.

A solar contractor provides custom designed solar panel systems. Homeowners can be sure that the projects will perfectly fit their place and respond to their requirements. The prices must ensure a great return of your investments, for many years to come.

Swimming pool solar panels can bring a new life to your pool

Solar contractors provide fiberglass filters, led lights, solar panels, and necessary devices. Before purchasing a swimming pool solar system, you need to have information about the pool size, the lasting of swimming season. You also need to know the average regional temperatures, the solar location resource, the collector tilt, its efficiency and if you will use a pool cover. Swimming pool solar panels use computer programs to estimate the collector dimensions and the entire system requirements.

The surface of the solar collector must be 50% – 100% of the surface of your pool. If you live in a cloudier or cooler area, you can increase the ratio. A swimming pool solar panel lengthens your swimming season. If you use a pool cover, in any climate, the required collector can have a smaller size.

You also need a pump to make your swimming pool solar panel work properly. You need a larger pump than you used before installing the solar system, to evacuate the water to and through the collectors.

Placing a solar swimming pool collector

The system can be installed on roofs or near the swimming pool. The place must be exposed to the sun, the orientation determines the effectiveness of your solar system. The best direction of your solar system in the northern hemisphere is to the south. You also can place your system to the east or west with no decreasing the system’ performance. Local landscape features, local weather conditions (cloudy or foggy days) influence your collector performances.

The affordable solar panel is the critical point of the solar system efficiency

Before starting a solar panel system installation, you need to consider local building regulations. The proper affordable solar panel system requires many factors. The main factors are the solar resource, local building requirements, climate, and safety problems. Solar contractors, professional and experienced must do a safe installation.

After the system installation, you need to maintain your system periodically. The contractor can give you some advice and also assist you in using correctly your solar system.

When you need to screen the contractors for installation and maintenance, you need to ask a few questions.

  • The contractor firm has experience in installing and maintaining solar systems?
  • Is the company certified?

A licensed company is more trustful. You may also ask if there are complains against your contractor.

Don’t hesitate to make energy from every sun ray. You will have low bills and high design to reduce your monthly energy statement.

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