What’s Next for Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy systems are increasingly sophisticated, adjusting to current needs, not only there is demand for solar panels to mega Government projects or large companies, increasingly more grows the number of clients seeking this technology for their homes and is why it is important to investigate this issue.

Solar energy is an important and inexhaustible resource while the intensity with which can both receive the light of the Sun is variable, the human being has always had great consideration by the benefits that brings the Sun from giving vitamin D for our body to be a fundamental part in industries such as agriculture.

It is said that it was in 1949 when the American Russell Ohl had the first patent for inventing the solar cells, then other scientists set out to improve this project and thus was how in 1954 there were already more efficient solar panels.

In the beginning this technology was a great novelty, although it was found that well reflected light of the Sun had a great power of heat, they had failed to get to the correct formula to achieve that this energy can be stored and even converted.

The solar panels were a novelty of much importance in the aerospace field, began to be used in space satellites and other technologies, as for example calculators that today in day remain by their great usefulness.

The solar energy industry

Solar energy has been expanded in the market, to the point of being an option that can also be used in factories and industries, because it can intervene successfully in many industrial processes.

We must not only focus on the photovoltaic effect whereby the Sun’s energy can be converted into electricity, there is also a kind of solar panels which can store and emit heat in large quantities, and they work well for various processes industrial.

For the food industry, solar power systems can play a fundamental role.

There are processes like pasteurization and sterilization that are important for the quality of products, to use solar energy for these processes is feasible, and could mean a saving money for businesses, using an energy source cheap e inexhaustible.

Not only in the food industry systems are necessary to generate heat, it is important also in the chemical and textile companies and solar energy systems can help in very good shape.

The hotel business is also very interested in what it can do with solar energy, since if there is a place where hot water is essential in a hotel or a restaurant, both for the cleaning process and for the services to the own customers. For an environmentalist, it would be a pleasure to take a hot shower in the hotel, knowing that it is thanks to the use of solar panels.


Industries have a good advantage when using this type of technology because many have sufficient capital to develop a successful work; this is also that appear increasingly interested in developing solar energy systems to industrial level.

Residential solar energy systems

Solar electricity for home is possible to get through companies dedicated to the distribution and installation of solar panels on buildings and homes, are increasing their catalogue according to the needs of the customer, then must be clear what the options that normally you have to use solar electricity at home.

Solar electricity for home, important data and classification

It should be noted that these systems enter into the classification of those who use photovoltaic solar panels; the difference is that the forms of distribution and storage of energy are different.

Interconnected systems are quite interesting because its action is not to store energy in batteries for later use if that are not connected directly to the electrical wiring of the house, thus making the collected energy is a complement of the electricity that works at home in a conventional way.

The interconnected system is considered a cheaper option because large storage batteries are no longer required, the energy flows by itself alone, although replacement parts could be more expensive if you do not have a proper care.

What should also be taken into consideration with this system is that your conventional electric power company should also check the mains conditions are most suitable.

Isolated system

In this type of system is that solar energy for your home is stored in cells or batteries to be used later, though this needs a major installation of equipment and can be more expensive has its advantages.

As the energy is stored you can choose at that moment are going to use it in your home system is more independent and allows a better control of its use, and of course most importantly, allowing having electricity in places where it is not possible to connect to any other electricity service.

You can decide even the way in which you are using the stored energy either on specific devices or at certain times of the day where it is most needed.

If you want, solar energy for your home keep in mind always several recommendations.

Looking for certified professionals who do a good installation, it is the most important to make the system a long lasting and trouble-free use.

It is important to know if climatic conditions in the place where your home is located are suitable for residential solar energy systems work with success and ensure a good investment.

Residential solar energy systems are changing lives of many families who seek to be responsible with the ecosystem, are a fundamental part of the growth of this industry since they are the main consumers to which this technology aims.

It is very good to know that even low-income families, thanks to the management of public and private areas, can have electricity through clean energies such as solar electricity.

It should never be forgotten that, besides these systems, they allow us to save money; it is also a contribution to the preservation of the planet and a greener and more promising future.